Good morning to Captain and crew alike and welcome to a special edition of the Admiralty Docket. Today, a report onCharleston Jetties a local vessel in distress. Although there are not as yet an abundance of details, at approximately 7:15 p.m. yesterday, October 2, 2013, the Coast Guard base Charleston was contacted regarding a vessel in distress in Bohicket Creek near Rockville, SC. Apparently, a 22 foot recreational vessel began taking on water to such an extent that it eventually capsized. All four individuals on board were reportedly rescued and taken to Cherry Point.

Read more in the Post and Courier here:

The continual happening of events such as the above locally should serve as a reminder to all of us on the water that there is always a possibility that a fun trip with family and friends on the water can go wrong, even under the best of weather conditions. It is also good to know that the Coast Guard is still up and running despite the ongoing shutdown of a large portion of the U.S. Government.

More next week on the Admiralty Docket. Until then, remember that your rights and responsibilities may change as you approach the shore, and may God Almighty grant you pleasant sailing.


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