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Helping Business Owners Manage Risk

Because maritime business owners face different risks than those who operate ashore, it is important for those venturing into the field to educate themselves on the ins and outs of maritime law as it will affect their interests.

At Cooper and Bilbrey, P.C., our lawyers have decades of combined experience in admiralty and maritime law and civil litigation. We have the knowledge and experience to assist business owners in minimizing risk on the water in a variety of ways. A comprehensive approach to risk management can differ from one business type to the next depending on the number of employees, the nature of the business, and many other factors, however, any strategy should include the following:

  • Understanding which regulatory agencies promulgate and oversee safety regulations which your business is or will be subject to;
  • Identifying which laws regulations apply to your business;
  • Assessing compliance;
  • Identifying potential sources of accident and injury;
  • Developing strategies to reduce accidents and injuries;
  • Assessing liability in tort and contract to employees and third parties;
  • Developing contracts which protect your business and minimize risk going forward;
  • Assessing corporate structure with regard to protection from personal liability; and
  • Assessing insurance coverages and needs.

If you need assistance with developing risk management strategies for your business, or if you just have a question regarding admiralty and maritime law, feel free to call or email us at our Mount Pleasant, South Carolina office for a free, confidential consultation with no obligation. Call our Charleston Maritime Attorneys today.