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Charleston, South Carolina Environmental Pollution Lawyers

Among the potential hazards that vessel owners and operators face, environmental pollution liability is one of the most expansive in scope and far reaching in potential consequence. In the last 20 years, environmental legislation has proliferated with high profile casualties such as the EXXON VALDEZ and DEEPWATER HORIZON disasters. The result is aggressive federal civil and criminal prosecution of companies, corporations, vessel owners, operators, captains, and crew alike under a myriad of federal statutes, including the Clean Water Act, Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships, Refuse Act, and Migratory Bird Treaty Act, among others. Contrary to popular belief, these laws are enforced against recreational vessel owners and operators and small businesses (for gasoline or diesel fuel spills, for instance) as well as large corporations like Exxon and British Petroleum, and the fines and consequences can be extreme.

At Cooper and Bilbrey, P.C., we have decades of experience in admiralty and maritime law, including experience assisting clients with taking action when there is a casualty which exposes them to environmental pollution liability.

If your vessel has been involved in a casualty, we can assist with the many legal aspects of recovery, including:

  • Providing the Coast Guard with an environmental mitigation plan;
  • Coordinating with the Coast Guard and others in the execution of the plan;
  • Coordinating salvage efforts;
  • Assessing your personal and business liability; and
  • Assisting in civil litigation arising out of the casualty if necessary.

If you need counsel on or assistance with environmental pollution liability, please call or email our Mount Pleasant, South Carolina office today for a free, confidential consultation with no obligation. We can make ourselves available for short notice and after hours appointments.