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Charleston, SC Boat Accident Lawyers

The major causes of recreational boating accidents, in yachts, jet-skis, wave-runners, ski boats, and other  kinds of runabouts alike, are alcohol, excessive speed,  operator inattention, careless operation, and improper lookout. These negligent acts and others cause boats to capsize or collide  with other boats, docks, sandbars. or other obstructions, and  may result in flooding,  sinking, or fire along with serious personal injury to the operator and passengers alike. When boat operators are careless, passengers may fall, be thrown overboard, or suffer other injuries, and skiers may be struck by propellers or the vessels towing them. Sometimes negligently designed boats and defective  equipment can also cause accidents which give rise to claims against manufacturers  or dealers.

Maritime Law Applies to  Recreational Boat Accidents 

One common misconception among members of the public regarding maritime law is that it only applies to commercial vessels and/or to those on the high seas or in international waters. In fact, however, admiralty law applies on all navigable waters, including coastal waters and many rivers and lakes connected to these waters as well as some inland lakes which cross state lines. It also applies to vessels of all shapes, sizes, and uses, from the largest container ships to wave runners and jon boats.

Experienced Recreational Boat Accident Attorneys

Across the country hundreds of  people die in boating accidents every year and thousands more are injured. These accidents may also result in severe injuries, unpaid medical bills, lost wages, and permanent disabilities. The attorneys at Cooper and Bilbrey, P.C. are experienced in handling cases arising from boating accidents as well as personal watercraft accidents (Jet Ski, Wave Runner, etc.)

If you or someone you know has been involved in a recreational boating accident, please call or email your Charleston, South Carolina Boating Accident Attorneys at Cooper and Bilbrey, P.C., for a free and confidential consultation. We are ready to help today.