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Vessel collisions, whether involving commercial vessels or in the nature of recreational boat, jet-ski, or wave-runner accidents, are often the result of failure to follow the navigation rules or Rules of the Road. Under the maritime law, a presumption of fault arises against a vessel which violates a navigation Rule and is involved in a collision. Similarly, a moving vessel which strikes a fixed object is presumed at fault. Legal liability for personal injury and death and for property damage resulting from collision is assessed based upon fault. The old divided damages rule has been replaced with the rule of proportional fault. If you have marine hull insurance and protective and indemnity (liability) coverage, you may be covered for the damage to your vessel and for damages and injuries of others, if you are at fault. If the other vessel is at fault, the “at fault” vessel herself and her owners, charterers, and insurers may be responsible and may have insurance coverage.

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Vessel Sinkings  DSCN3427

A small hole, given time, can sink the largest ship. Gravity does not sleep and the surrounding water pressure is ever pressing the hull of a boat. When a vessel takes on enough water, she will sink. If you have hull insurance coverage you may be covered, although marine hull policies have many warranties, exclusions, and conditions which may avoid coverage, even if you have paid for the insurance.

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