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Busy shipping ports across the world are moving forward with harbor and channel deepening dredging projects to accommodate a new wave of larger cargo vessels with deeper drafts, and there is a resurgent interest in efficient coastwise movement of cargo and materials by water using tugs, pushboats, and barges. In South Carolina and other ports in the Southeast, the evidence of these trends can be seen all along our waterways.

Tugs, barges, and dredges are being put to work on the water in increasing numbers in South Carolina, Georgia, and other coastal states to fulfill these and other roles in today’s maritime world. Though today’s tugs, dredges, and barges are safer than they have ever been, accidents and injuries still occur. These accidents  have many causes and take on many forms, from collisions and allisions, explosions, equipment malfunctions, unsafe work practices, use of damaged or otherwise deficient equipment or rigging, trips, slips, and falls caused by irregular vessel configurations, worn surfaces, or other unseaworthy vessel conditions, and can result in injury or death to captain, crew, or other workers, the sinking of vessels, and in damage to cargo and other property.

When accidents do occur, crew members often are injured as a consequence. Crew members injured in a commercial boat accident are likely Jones Act seamen and entitled to certain unique maritime remedies.

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Accident and injury prevention should always be a high priority for vessel owners, operators, and crewmen alike. If an accident or injury does occur, any injured crew members should be given immediate medical attention, and those involved in a maritime accident involving personal injury or injury to property should consult with a knowledgeable maritime lawyer to determine their rights and responsibilities.

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