Our law firm is fortunate to have been assisting clients in South Carolina since 1984. Our success over these years can be directly traced back to our clients and more generally to the community at-large and to other members of the South Carolina Bar. At Cooper and Bilbrey, P.C., it is our mission not only to provide competent, zealous advocacy for our clients, but also to give back to the profession and the community through a commitment to pro bono work, community service, charitable contribution, and to civility and courtesy in our advocacy.

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Pro bono work is professional work that is undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service. As lawyers in South Carolina, we have taken an oath and sworn to “assist the defenseless or oppressed by ensuring that justice is available to all citizens….” As members of the Maritime Law Association of the United States (MLA), we also strive to meet the tenets  of the Code of Professional Conduct, one of which is that we will “contribute time and resources to pro bono activities”.

At Cooper and Bilbrey, P.C., we are committed to giving back through the representation of  those who have legitimate legal interests and need assistance but cannot pay or cannot pay the full costs of our services. John Townsend Cooper is a past member of the South Carolina Bar Pro Bono Committee. AJ Bilbrey has participated in the pro bono representation of individuals with cases in the Charleston County Homeless Court, and our firm has been a repeat participant in the South Carolina Bar Ask-A-Lawyer program, the SC Bar Hurricane Relief legal clinics, and other Bar pro bono events. Over the years, we have assisted clients with maritime cases, personal injury cases, business and partnership organizations and litigation, probate cases, wills, breaches of contract, foreclosure defense, landlord-tenant issues, divorce and other family law issues, Department of Social Services issues, and various other legal issues for free or at a reduced rate in order to ensure that they had access to the legal system with the assistance of an attorney.

In early 2018, we began holding pro bono legal clinics twice a month. Through these clinics, we have been fortunate enough to meet and help some wonderful people who may not have otherwise had access to legal services. We have discontinued the formal “legal clinic” format, but if you are interested in meeting with us regarding a matter for which you need pro bono legal help, we are happy to discuss these services with you. Although it goes without saying that we cannot do this in every case because each case is different, we invite those who are in need of legal assistance to contact us to see if we can help.

Commitment to Civility and Courtesy

MLAUS Code of Professional Conduct

MLAUS Code of Professional Conduct

 At Cooper and Bilbrey, P.C., we strive to make a positive impact on our profession by striving to maintain the civil and courteous practice environment for which the admiralty bar and South Carolina bar have traditionally been known. We are committed to zealously representing our client’s legitimate legal interests and at the same time treating clients, colleagues, parties, witnesses, and the courts with the respect that they deserve to maintain the dignity of the legal process.


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